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Art & Painting

I started doing crafts when I was in third grade. My mom was fond of doing little craft projects for our house, so I always helped her out. I remember that we would spend afternoons after school doing all those amazing projects—stained glass, cross stitch, paper mâché, etc. It has been one of the best memories of my childhood.

paper mache

I guess that what made me appreciate Art painting, and that what made me delve into painting when I was in high school. As you see, art is the main thing in my life now. I accept painting commissions from clients—mostly portraits of individuals or families. Aside from those, I also delve into events planning because that’s how I can maximize my love of doing crafts and trinkets.

Some of my friends also tap my “talents,” so to speak, whenever they decide to get married because they enjoy the necklaces, bracelets and rings I make from colorful beads and crystals.

A Beginner’s Love for Jewelry Making

Lately, I started taking classes on jewelry designing. I’ve always had a great love for accessories, so I wanted to add something to my arsenal. My friends have cajoled me to take those classes because they love my beadwork, so I guess I can just start adding this to my business.

One of the things I learned from my class is the importance of identifying the kind of artist you are. Who are you as an artist, as a jewelry designer? What kind of accessory or jewelry you would love to make? Do you like the classic or modern look? Are your works customizable?

You have to define your artist’s view, and that will pave the way for your works to be known too in the industry. I have been recently tapped to design a series of rings for a charity organization, and I enjoyed it very much. Aside from doing something I love, I was also able to help a lot of people.


Why I Decided to Blog

I wanted to share my experiences in arts, crafts and painting. I want people to see that this is not something that should intimidate them. I want them to appreciate art and its importance in our everyday life.

This blog is dedicated to sharing my journey on how I fell in love with the arts, on how I went from doing paper mâché to appreciating the works of Michaelangelo, on how I decided to take a route into a life of arts, and on why I risked so many things in my life to pursue my love for art.

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