Top Five Most Expensive Paintings in The World

The price of expensive paintings continue to grow especially if the piece is re-exposed. Present owners who die or who continue to sell them put a bigger price compared at the time that they bought it, and once they are auctioned, they will even grow. For this post, I will share to you, five of the priciest paintings in the whole world.

Les Joueurs De Cartes or The Card Players

Painted by French post-impressionist painter Paul Cèzanne, the piece is reported to cost $259 to $320 million. Its exact price is not known. The artist painted a series of it, and this is one of it. Qatar’s Royal Family bought one piece, and it roughly cost over $200 million. It is known to be expensive since it is one of Cèzanne’s last masterpiece before he stopped painting.


La Rêve or The Dream

This painting is one of Pablo Picasso’s masterpiece. Known to cost as much as $155 million, the subject of the painting is said to have been Picasso’s lover Marie-Therese Walter. It was damaged by owner Steve Wynn, preventing it from being bought by Steven Cohen. Pablo Picasso is one of the greatest artists of all time. He has made over a thousand paintings alone excluding his sculptures and drawings.

Three Studies of Lucian Freud

When it was sold last November 2013, it reached its highest price, which was $142.4 million. It was painted by British painter Francis Bacon. From the name itself, the subject of the piece is Lucian Freud, one of Bacon’s closest friends but considered as his rival artistically. The two artists loved to make each other and their friends the subject of their paintings. This piece had another partner, but it was not seen by anyone since the year 1992.

No. 5

It may have an odd name, but it is reported to have a value of $140 million. It was painted by Jackson Pollock in year 1948. He is one of the painters responsible to start the abstract style. He struggled to earn popularity for his work, but he started the drip technique hence the “number” series which then led to his fame.

Woman III

As scary looking as it looks, and you may think that it is done by a five-year old  messing with a water color paint, it is the work of world known artist Willem De Kooning, and it is reported to have cost over $137 million. De Kooning painted six Woman series, and Woman III is the only piece today that is owned privately.

Famous Painting

There are a lot reasons for paintings to be branded as expensive. They are either expensive expression-wise, artist wise, or mystery wise. The longer they to exist, the higher their value.

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