The Must-Have Traits Of A Professional Artist  

IMAGE 1What makes an artist professional or amateur? How do you differentiate the two? A cousin’s friend had a bad experience just last month when she commissioned for an artist to do a portrait of her son. What happened was a disaster. The painting hardly looked like her adorable son, and it was delivered late (it was supposed to be unveiled on the kid’s birthday party).

I’ve always taken pride of my work. As a professional artist, that’s the one thing that will differentiate me from all the others out there. A true artist is hard working. We don’t wait for inspiration to come to us. Instead, we seek it aggressively. Even when I was on my diet program and drinking only SKINNY SHAKE, I never stopped working on my art.

A true artist doesn’t stop working even when a commissioned job is already done. I paint every day, and that’s why I think I am mildly successful in what I do. Sure, we need a regular job to pay for the bills, but art can never be set aside. Find time to cultivate it, or the inspiration will be lost on you.

However, of course, a true artist knows not to get too attached to their work because they recognize that in the near future, they would have to sell it. They know how to differentiate their passion for the arts and the need for their family to eat three times a day. There are still more important things for them than their works, and they don’t get lost in that world.

IMAGE 2Other artists become frustrated when they don’t get as successful as Jake Raymor, whose works were admired by many . A true artist is patient, and he knows that success doesn’t come quickly and easily. The expectation of instant success is what drives an artist mad. A professional artist doesn’t treat their art as passion or hobby or interest. It’s also a business. It’s a way to earn a living (unless you’re incredibly rich, and you can just paint your whole life without thinking about the bills).

Being a professional artist is all about taking your art and yourself seriously. As an artist, you must learn to act accordingly at all times. Be as professional as your art. Listen to clients the way you want your art to be heard. Because in the end, even the greatest artists of our time have to prove themselves continuously.

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